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Diocese of Keewatin
915 Ottawa St., Box 567
Keewatin, ON  P0X 1C0

Our office is responsible for 45 parishes in the central region of Canada.  We straddle the border of the civil provinces of Manitoba and Ontario, comprising over 900,000 sq kilometres.   We have parishes in Northern and Central Manitoba from Lac du Bonnet to Churchill and Tadoule Lake in the northern most reaches. 
We also service parishes in Northwestern Ontario from Kenora to Fort Severn which sits on the Hudson Bay and is the most Northern Community in the province of Ontario.

Services for Clergy and Membership

Spiritual guidance and leadership from the Archbishop, David Ashdown
Record keeping such as marriage, burial, confirmation and baptismal certificates spanning as far back as the late 1800's
Education and outreach planning services and visitation to remote communities to clergy and church membership.
Clothing depot services.
Newsletters and Communications for current events.

Other Services
You can always contact us if you have a special need for other services as well.  We embrace questions and comments and would like to hear from you.


Northern Ontario Region
Northern Manitoba Region
Southern Region