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Thanks for taking time to stop and browse through our website. We thank God for every minister of the Gospel of Christ, who serves our Lord and His Church on earth.

About us

International Ministerial Fellowship (IMF) is an association of laymen, clergypersons, and churches who work across denominational lines to love, serve, encourage, and help enable those who are called to serve in front-line Christian ministry. Members include layworkers, lay-pastors, senior and staff clergy, evangelists, missionaries, active and reserve military chaplains, hospital, hospice and prison chaplains, and leaders in para-church organizations such as Young Life, Youth for Christ, Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth With a Mission and many more.

Ministry to men and women of all denominations is often expressed through suburban and inner city churches, city missions, refugee camps, third world humanitarian services, as well as inner city youth programs. Anywhere the heart of God can be found loving people in need is a potential location for Christian ministry, often expressed through the lives and ministries of IMF members.

IMF works across denominational lines and believes we all can "help bring down the walls of sectarianism" that have often existed between Christian believers and help bring a common witness for Christ.

Partner with us today so that we may continue serving those who serve others.

May We Serve You?

IMF can provide a spiritual covering, appropriate credentials and the opportunity for affiliation with others who share a like faith and calling. We serve those who desire to network and fellowship with other Christian ministers and churches and to increase their access to ministry-related resources. Moreover, we are a mission sending agency and an ecclesiastical endorsing agency.


Our credentials are recognized by federal (IRS), state and U.S. military (both active-duty and reserve status), the Veterans Affairs, federal and state prison systems as well as hospitals and hospices. Our ministry-related services are practical and we often assist our members in areas where they cannot easily provide for themselves.


IMF is also a member of the National Association of Evangelicals and the Association of International Mission Services (AIMS).

An Association and Fellowship

As an Association and Fellowship, we collaborate in works of charity and Christian ministry with an emphasis on the centrality of Christ and the Person and work of the Holy Spirit in the Church today. With over 1,250 IMF ministry partners (members) presently serving in all 50 states and 51 other countries, it is our desire to serve those who serve others in Christian ministry.

Please check us out and if we can be helpful to you, let us hear from you. You may e-mail, call, fax or write. We hope to hear from you soon.

God’s peace!

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